To all readers, viewers, commenters, and those that clicked on likes.

Thank you for taking the time to read and encourage me in my writing. 

Personal circumstances cause me to temporarily pause in this work. 

I hope to be able to begin again soon.

Until I do, know that I have appreciated any encouragement you’ve offered and enjoyed reading your writing too.

I look forward in the future to reading more great writing blogs from all of the talented bloggers that use this site, and adding a few more of my own.



Simple Pleasure

I’m not mad

I’m grieving a simple loss for a simple me

Because what I like are simple things


One of those things was sitting in my comfortable chair

Quietly watching the gulls, and waiting for a friend to talk to

Or happy just to sit by myself and look out at the sea


But now, I’ve had to move and that simple pleasure is gone

A simple nothing to you

But my loss is a loss of a peaceful feeling


What difference does it make? Not much

It’s only me,

Missing what used to be one of my simple pleasures.


Truth Revealed

I knew he was for me when our eyes met and he didn’t judge me

And so—I let him pursue my time and grew to love him

Time was tender and well spent then

It was later that I learned the truth

That even the first words that came from his mouth were lies

I couldn’t read him, and the hidden meaning of his words

Finally they escaped and revealed their truth

And I learned about his dark past and how I would pay for it

But by then, I had been tricked and frozen in place with fallacy

And it was too late for my committed soul


Today was a good day

Today was a good day

I had some things to do

Today was a good day

But it was without you


I woke in the morning

I dressed and brushed my hair

I woke in the morning

And then I went somewhere


My friends they were smiling

As we began to talk

My friends they were smiling

And then we took a walk


Today was a good day

I didn’t feel depressed

Today was a good day

And now it’s time to rest


When I truly knew you’d be gone

Your said the words that night

But when the next day came

I truly knew

That you would be gone


I woke up

Looked in the mirror and saw

Someone I didn’t know

And I understood that I’d lost

My chance of holding you


I no longer knew who I was

And cried and screamed

And banged my fists on the

Bathroom sink

And felt my heart break,

My mind shatter


Although I still look the same to others

Depression now fills the space I’d kept for you

I’ve lost my hearts connection  

But remain where I am

And no one knows

Or sees behind

The fine deception